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KLM Culturally Conscious is a  company designed to promote and instill pride in the youth and families. Through the creation of culturally relevant literature, art and programs, KLM empowers and educates others about the African American culture and experiences with a focus of resiliency of the people.  

African American author and therapist, Keesha McMillian invites you to share in her popular press debut.  Keesha McMillian began writing in 1992 as a Prevention Services Director at a community center providing services to one to the nation’s fourth highest poverty stricken communities.  She has released her latest work, “God’s Greatest Treasure.”  In the past six years, she has completed eight published titles: Who Am I?, Who Am I? Book II: Challenges, The Struggle Continues: Living in the Hood, The Struggle Continues, Living in the Hood: Survival, Kwanzaa Celebration Guide, Color Me Black: A Tribute to African-American Women, Talkin’ Shoes & God’s Greatest Treasure

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