Sample Pages:  Who Am I - Book II

for youths aged 11 - 18 yrs. and families. (Click book cover for sample pages).

Who Am I? Book II, Challenges is story and activity workbook written and developed to address society issues affecting African-America males and youth of today. The book utilizes colloquial English to incite a realistic bond with the reader. While educationally providing the reader with information about the African American culture and providing a tool to assist them in building skills  reading, writing, English, math and history.

Jamaal and his four friends, Bobo Abu, Brook and Kareem will each relay a short story covering one of the basic issues listed: racism, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, gang homelessness and death.

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It all began at Kareem's House Party. How could I have left Aisha at that house party? I've asked myself this question a million times since 1 found out what happened. But Kareem's my boy, and 1 thought he would have been looking out for me. That's my sister! If I don't look out for her, who will.

The music was jumping when we got there. Before we could get in the door good, Aisha was on the floor doing the Daisy Duke Dance. We were all going to have a good time tonight. Kareem's sister was working the midnight shift and wouldn't be home until late the next day. The music was loud; food and drink were plentiful. Kareem's house was small but spacious enough for me to lose sight of Aisha when I got caught up in a conversation with the fellas. Aisha had arranged to spend the night at Ajoke's house, so I left the party about midnight. My curfew was 12 o'clock and I didn't want any trouble with the men in blue, or with my parents.

The next day, I had to attend Saturday School because I was late every day during the week. I didn't mind because other kids were there also. But today was different, it wasn't fun at all. There were rumors around about Snake and Aisha. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Of course, those who knew Aisha was my sister, would not dare ask me any dumb stuff about her. That's my blood, I would have decked somebody about her.

This is how I found out what had happened. I was standing beside my locker when I saw these really fine ladies laughing and whispering. I put on my sly and witty grin and pretended to be looking in my locker for a book for class. I was hoping that one of the girls would say something to me. The ladies here at Kirk are surely good looking. I began listening to their conversation.
....... (continued in the book).


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(Advocate for Gun Control)

We were only seven years old. We were best friends. We went everywhere together. People thought we were brothers, but Chuckie lived with his mother and father and I lived in a foster home. Sometimes I slept overnight at Chuckie's house. We always had a lot of fun. We played basketball, watched movies, played Nintendo, Ninja Turtle, and cops and robbers. I still can't believe Chuckie's gone. I was there when he died. We were playing with this new kid. His name was Carter and he had just moved into the neighborhood. He was kind of shy, so I approached him, "What's up? I'm Brook and this is my friend Chuckle:" He was 8 years old and real cool to me and Chuckie. One day he told us to come play at his house. He said he had something really great to show us, but we had to keep it a secret. Chuckie and I both promised not to tell anyone. When we got to Carter's house, he rushed into his parents' bedroom. Chuckie and I sat in the living room talking and eagerly waiting. When Carter finally returned, he had a big gun. It looked just like a toy gun, but it was shiny. He said, "stickemup" and clicked the gun which was pointed at Chuckie. The gun made a loud POP and before I could say anything, Chuckie fell down. He didn't move. Carter dropped the gun, and started running and crying. I kept shaking Chuckie and screaming, "Chuckie wake up, Chuckie wake up:' Chuckie still didn't move. I remembered what I had learned in school when the BABES Program visited. If there is an emergency and you need help, call 911. I dialed 9ll and told the operator that my friend, Chuckie, had fallen down. She asked me my name. "Brook;" I said in a nervous voice. She asked me what happened. I told her ....  (continued in the book).

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