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Keesha is pleased to offer the following books (click on any title for more descriptive information):




THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: LIVING IN THE HOOD Second Edition: Survival (11 -  adulthood)

(Ages 5 - 12 and parents)

TALKINí SHOES (Teens to Adults)

KWANZAA - The McMillian Family Kwanzaa Celebration Guide

WHO AM I? A DRUG PREVENTION AND CULTURAL AWARENESS  ACTIVITY WORKBOOK for children aged 5 - 12 yrs. and families. (Click book cover for sample pages).

Finally a book addressing the holistic richness woven in the traditional fabric of the African American community.

This book is based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa and details how these principles realistically work to enhance the American community. Who Am I? is a cultural Story/Coloring/Activity Book : Awareness Guide : Prevention Tool : Excellent Kwanzaa Material. The book contains a holistic story about a youngster who learns about his culture and talks about the successful ways to stay away from alcohol other drugs as he walks through his community

Coloring/Activity Book: A coloring book with large, descriptive pictures of African American people, cultural symbols, and community business and organizations. Hands on exercises that reinforce concepts of building self-esteem, learning to cope and making good decisions.

Cultural Awareness Guide: This book is a guide to understanding fundamental values of African American families and the interaction prevalent in the communities.

Prevention Tool. This tool imparts basic knowledge concerning prevention strategies which have proven to be effective in working with minority populations.

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WHO AM I? BOOK II CHALLENGES - for youths aged 11 - 18 yrs.  and families. (Click book cover for sample pages).

Who Am I? Book II, Challenges is a compilation of short stories written and developed to address societal issues affecting African American males and youth of today. The book utilizes colloquial English to incite a realistic bond with the reader. While educationally providing the reader with information about the African American culture and providing tools to assist them in building reading, writing, English, math and history skills through the use of activity sheets.

Jamaal and his four friends, Bobo Abu, Brook and Kareem will each relay a short story covering one of the basic issues listed: racism, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, gang homelessness and death.

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THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: LIVING IN THE HOOD A DRUG PREVENTION & CULTURAL AWARENESS WORKBOOK for youths aged 7 - 15 yrs. and families. (Click book cover for sample pages).

A cultural workbook written and developed to help youth address the societal problems of drugs and gangs. This workbook offers a hands on approach to understanding the importance of the African American culture, past, present and future in the battle of keeping negative forces from destroying the community.

A Holistic approach to teaching, researching and learning effective solutions to problems.

The Living in the Hood Workbook grants youth the opportunity to examine drug and gang prevention from a culturally enriched perspective, while teaching them through activities addressing the following:
  • self-esteem
  • decision making
  • family
  • false advertising of alcohol and other drugs
  • coping
  • respect and responsibility
  • purpose 
  • minority business and entrepreneurs
  • education
  • cooperation and collective work
  • communication
  • historical cultural creativity
  • faith
  • excellent Kwanzaa material.

    This book is based on the NGUZO SABA principles, detailing how GOOD FRIENDS work together to enhance their knowledge about the African American culture; and how they utilize that information to keep their neighborhood drug and gang free 365 days a year.

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    THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES: LIVING IN THE HOOD Second Edition: Survival, for youths aged 11 - adulthood and families. (Click book cover for sample pages).

     This book is all about families. Five good friends, Rashida, Mani, Khari, Jojo and Javier return in Survival to reflect on experiences that have had a tremendous impact on their lives and their families. This book allows the reader to take a peek into the lives of African American families. You will see the strengths, the struggle, the plight and the challenges of these families from several different perspectives. And STILL they SURVIVE. Read on and. find out their secret. I'll give you a hint: LOVE, FAITH, TRUST WILL POWER, RESPECT, DETERMINATION.

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    GOD'S GREATEST TREASURE, for children aged 5 - 12 and parents. (Click book cover for sample pages).

    God's Greatest Treasure is a delightful story about a little girl who becomes aware of God's greatest treasure. The book includes activities for parents and children to complete together; exploration of life skills and values while identifying the role of a spiritual child, family and community; scriptures from the Bible; universal practices for God's people.

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    TALKINí SHOES for Teens to Adults.
    (Click book cover for sample pages).

    The shoes of a young woman tell the story of how her life path was guided by her values and beliefs. Seven true stories are told with vivid pictures, and with activities to heighten the readerís awareness about their own personal life choices, circumstances and ultimate decisions.

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    The McMillian Family Kwanzaa Celebration Guide

    Since 1992 The McMillian Family has been celebrating Kwanzaa. We started celebrating informally with our own family. Later, we branched out to a more structured celebration including extended family, friends and the community in the holiday. We hope this guide will assist families in getting started with their own Kwanzaa Celebration.

    This book provides a day-by-day and step-by-step guide to the Celebration, and includes special recipes and crafts, and a glossary of Kwanzaa terms, vivid pictures, worksheets, and more.

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