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TALKIN’ SHOES for Teens to Adults. (See below for sample pages)

The shoes of a young woman tell the story of how her life path was guided by her values and beliefs. Seven true stories are told with vivid pictures, and with activities to heighten the reader’s awareness about their own personal life choices, circumstances and ultimate decisions.

“Talkin’ Shoes” A Poem by Trina Jones

    A Mother’s Love

    What I am about to share with you is the fork in the road that changed my thinking and gave me a chance to establish my own personal relationship with God. In 1986, all of a sudden my life came to a dramatic, halting stop.  I was home visiting from college for the Christmas holidays.  I had just completed my final semester of college courses.  I was 22 years old and I was stricken with an illness called Guillian Barre Syndrome.  The illness paralyzed me from the neck down. I was immobilized in a matter of 24 hours. There was no time to prepare for this route. I could not breathe on my own. I could not talk, walk and my body was electrifying. It felt like pins and needles were sticking throughout my body.  All I could do between being in and out of consciousness, due to medication, was stare and listen.

    The doctor’s were astonished at the rapid pace of how the disease took over my body. The only parts of my body, which did not appear to be affected at that point, were my mind, eyes, ears and heart.  These areas were spared. My mind continued to recall events in my life from the past. My eyes kept a ready watch on all that was taking place in my environment.  My ears allowed me to hear and receive words of encouragement and direction. But, my heart was the road map to the core of my soul. My heart was my entire being.  It was my way of communicating what I was thinking, and feeling and ultimately how I ....

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    Count Me In!

    Pledging was a very important part of college life. 

    What young woman did not want to pledge and become an acceptable member of one of the well-known sororities; Alpha Kappa Alpha (), Delta Sigma Theta (), Sigma Gamma Rho () or Zeta Phi Beta ().  Being socially accepted by my “Sisters,” what a life!  But, something got in the way of me fulfilling that dream. I look back now and I think I was basically afraid and unwilling to go through the ridiculous rituals and public display of foolishness I saw or imagined others went through in the pledging process.  So I unconsciously decided to stay focused and get out of college in four years flat.  I would do that hard time standing on my feet, head or sitting on my butt. Come hook or crook in four years I was determined to be out!

    At age twenty-something, I got a second chance to be a member of an organization where I could feel that “Sisterhood” and acceptance that I longed for as a college freshman, sophomore and junior. I thought it might even be better the second time around. I was older, more mature, not afraid.  I was ....

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